Gizmo Gizmo is a lovely young male ferret who is dying.

When he came in, he was with two other ferrets and they were all terribly ill. They'd all had the runs for weeks, and the owners couldn't afford vet care. The older one died shortly after arriving.

After some blood work, the vet determined he had a *raging* case of hepatitis, possibly due to the untreated diarrhea. His heptatitis is almost gone, but the disease has ruined his kidneys and he's slowly dying of kidney failure.

He's very thin (you can feel his bones through his fur) even though he eats constantly and has been given our version of duck soup (basically chicken goo). The soupies were too rich for him and he vomited constantly. If he even smells it now, he gags. :(

We're trying to make his life as happy as we can. He doesn't play much, but he feels well enough to walk around for a few minutes (that's an improvement from before). What Gizmo does like is to chew the living daylights out of Kong toys. He can only have the expensive black ones because they are really tough. He's shredded two regular red Kongs and we don't want to add a blockage to his issues, so it's only the super tough Kongs for him!

He's such a gorgeous boy we'd like to hold him all the time, but he'll have none of that. He likes a smooch and a cuddle, and then he's done.

Gizmo doesn't want anything to eat for Christmas because it will just make him throw up. :( What he'd really like would be a mommy or daddy to take him and his sister Daisy and love him until he has to go over the bridge. (Daisy has similar liver and kidney issues, but she's not nearly as sick.)

He might enjoy a soft hammock or sleep sack to share with his sister, or some donations to help with his vet bills.
Please Send Gifts to:
Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue
Please have delivery service leave package on porch and do not require signature. I work during the day.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Robert Wagner
North Boros Veterinary Hospital
2255 Babcock Blvd
Pittsburgh PA USA 15237
Vet requests that monetary donations be sent to shelter because practice takes a percentage.

Gizmo has a Santa.


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