Sampson Sampson... this old boy has kept me and the vets guessing for almost 2 years... He has insulinoma, went diabetic, back to insulinoma, has Cardio myopathy and still keeps going. Just when we thought his time was up, took him to vet to let him go during a horrific seizure 8 months ago (hasn't had one since), Sampson came back stronger than ever, alert and standing while waiting on vet to bring back euthanasia meds. He was telling me it was not time! He is using his back legs again, insulinoma is under control and cardio meds are keeping that old heart just a ticking. Donation towards his meds is always needed.

Sampson loves his whole prey and BC gravy. Not much of a kibble eater but when he does, it is Acana Prairie and Orijen cat/kitten food. Sleepy sacks are also his favorite.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven and
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Mitch Spindel
Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital
3515 Lawrence St
Clemmons NC USA 27012

Sampson has a Santa.


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