Theo Hi! My name is Theo and I'm an 11 month old male. I was offered up with 3 other brothers of mine as my owner was unable to care for us and wanted a good home for us. We came to the rescue October 23 of this year and had matted fur, super long nails and poopie stuck to my fur. I am one of the more aggressive manferts of my bunch and was abused as I have a hatred towards shoes and one of my canine teeth is chipped. Rescue mommy has learned that no shoes are to be in my presence whether on your feet or just laying around. If I see them I will do whatever I can to get at them and visciously try to destroy them. Rescue Mommy has been trying to work with me but doesn't know if over time I will forget and no longer think shoes are my enemy. I have to be watched near human skin too as sometimes I will surprise bite you to the point of drawing blood. But over time I have been mellowing out as I see the love I get here and know I don't have to be defensive as all I get it lots of time and love here at the rescue.

What I'd like from santa is a forever home but know that can't always happen. So in the meantime I really would like some stuffed animals as I am a major toy stasher! It is my mission to stash all the cuddly stuffed animals, no matter how big they are, or Kong toy. I like the treats that are listed below and N-Bones chicken flavor too.

The Rescue can always use:
~ Paper Towels
~ Clorox Clean Wipes (or comparable)
~ Baby Wipes
~ Pee Pads (quilted kind) and preferably the 26 x 30 size
~ Blankets
~ Hammocks
~ Tummy Stuffers Sleep Cubbies
~ Harness Leashes
~ Paper Bedding/Litter
~ Litter Pans
~ Glass Water Bottles (16 oz.) or Twist and Lock Crocks
~ Go! Fit + Free Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey & Duck Recipe Dry Cat Food
~ Dr. Foster and Smith Signature Series Premium Ferret Diet
~ Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Treats
~ Gift Cards to Dr. Foster and Smith or

Any gift will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my story!

Please Send Gifts to:
One Eyed Willy

Presents can be sent to the ferret's name that you choose and:
C/O Kim Shaver
291 W. Country Ct.
Bourbonnais, IL 60194

All presents will go to the proper ferret and pictures and videos will be taken.

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Katy A. Parr
Glenwood Village Pet Hospital
555 East Glenwood-Lansing Rd.
Glenwood IL USA 60425

Theo has a Santa.


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