Milo Milo is just the sweetest, heart-stealing, 6 year old boy who looks like nothing is wrong with him. Truth is, he has insulinoma and cardio myopathy. Donations towards his heart meds are always needed.

Milo loves to romp thru freeway tunnels, big sleepy sacks, whole prey, Acana Prairie/Grassland, BC gravy, Orijen and teaser toys. His favorite toy os an old Riki-Tiki snake he came in with that to this day, sleeps with. We can't find them anymore but if someone has a used on in good shape, he would be forever grateful. I can't do much more sewing on the one he has to patch it.

Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven and
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Mitch Spindel
Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital
3515 Lawrence St
Clemmons NC USA 27012

Milo has a Santa.


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