Robbie (Lane Ferrets)
Robbie (Lane Ferrets) Robbie, F, Chocolate, 01/29/11, 5.85, Mink
Robbie here! I'm almost 6 years old. I came in with my friend Mink. Can you guess who the girl is? It's ME! Yep, a girl named Robbie! When I came into the shelter, I refused to eat cause the shelter mom didn't have the right food. As soon as she got the Zupreem I love, I got fat and sassy! I like playing with stuffies and hiding them under the cage just out of arm's reach so shelter mom has to move the cage to clean them all out. I would love some new stuffies, since mine are getting worn out, plus I have to share them with a bunch of the other ferrets.

If you'd like to help all the ferrets in the shelter, here are some things we would appreciate:

Mazuri ferret food
Dr. Fosters and Smith Superior Choice Original Ferret Diet
Costco's Kirkland brand Cat Maintenance food
Totally Ferret Complete Care Supplement
Zupreem Ferret Food (not grain free!)
Crochet eggs, Derby eggs, or Squiggies
FerretLax or any cat laxative
Balls and toys that jingle or make some other sound
Rose German's Famous Heat Pack.
Rose German's Famous FERRET DOME
Rose German's DOOK-A-LOUNGER
IGJ Medium Squishy bed
Fred Meyer's gift cards
PetCo or PetSmart Gift cards
CostCo gift cards
Please Send Gifts to:
Lane Area Ferret Shelter & Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sean Barrett
Santa Clara Animal Hospital
2510 River Road
Eugene OR USA 97404

Robbie (Lane Ferrets) has a Santa.


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