2Lucky 2Lucky was found trapped in the walls of a duplex by owner 3 weeks after tenants vacated last unit for demolition. Owner of duplex took a sledge hammer to wall. He stopped for phone call turned around to hit wall again when 2Lucky stuck his head out. Knowing what a ferret was, he took it home and gave it food, water and a kennel, contacted animal control then me. After 4 hr road trip, 2Lucky is now here. He is adrenal with insulinoma but otherwise okay. Tho he is still a little thin, he has made great strides in only 2 weeks. His adrenal is being treated with lupron, on pred now once a day and doing well.

His likes are still being evaluated but is eating Acana, Orijen, Totally Ferret, Marshalls, BC gravy and is enjoying tunnels, sleep sacks and cloth covered bell ball toys.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven
www.fgrh.org and www.ferretguardian.org
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Mitch Spindel
Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital
3515 Lawrence St
Clemmons NC USA 27012

2Lucky has a Santa.


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