Lucy Lucy is a tiny, and very deteermined little diva, who just turned 5 years old. Adrenal since the summer, she received a Deslorelin implant, but continues to struggle. For the past few months her appetite has turned very finicky, so keeping weight on her, and the proper nutrients has been a round the clock ordeal. Because her food preferences are not always for solids she soils herself often and her bum is often raw. Her needs are of maintenance; She eatS Totally Ferret Complete Care in her ground kibble soupies, she doesnt climb so well anymore, so some sleep sacks would be great as her bedding needs changed daily. She has quite a spark in her, and I do all that I can as long as she has that spark of "try"
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Dr Barb Tallant
Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital
701 Kedron Ave,
Morton PA USA 19070

Lucy has a Santa.


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