Robert Robert came to Scheerjoy last spring as 1 of 5 found 'wandering'; hes such a little gentleman considering his rough start in life. Dr and I guess he had some pelvic injury in his youth, he is around 5 years old. Nick-named "Wobbly Wobert", he has been insulinomic since the spring, and is on Pedia-Pred. His appetite is particular, and the best we can do nutritionally for his preference is Royal Canin Kitten food, that is rather pricey in this area. He also takes to Totally Feret Complete Care powder to keep good protiens in him. He will receive maintenance care for the rest of his time with us, and lots of love!
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Dr Barb Tallant
Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital
701 Kedron Ave,
Morton PA USA 19070

Robert has a Santa.


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