Walnut Walnut is also a recent arrival at the shelter (with Ginger). He has a gorgeous "walnut" and golden color coat, no tatoos and a "poofer" (meaning he is not a marshall farms ferret). We are working with him to turn his teethy kisses in nicer ones.

Walnut's greatest wish is that a new family will come along and love him with patience (and no more flicks on the nose or other painful reminders of his previous life).

Walnut would be happy to receive anything as even little naughty boys deserve something. We are already seeing so much improvement with his behavior, amazing what love and kindness will do.
Could you help with anything on his wish list?
He promises to share with the other ferrets at the shelter.

Any of the following items
Meletonin implants : sharon@supportourshelters.org

Totally Ferret Food using Shelter Account Discount http://performancefoodsinc.net/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=23


Wysong Epigen 90

Wysong Cans
Fosters & Smith bowls http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=17342+17343+17393&pcatid=17393

Gift Cards:
http://www.ferret.com/Search.aspx?query=gift%20cards (for ferretone, chicken bandit treats)

http://www.walmart.com/ip/eGift-Card-139/17765849 (for medicine, litter, paper towels)

Stop N Shop
https://www.stopandshop.com/shop_online/gift_cards/order.htm?opco=SNS (baby food and chicken stock)

Little Feet Ferret Retreat Bedding:

split hammocks

triple hammock
cube or pod: http://www.littlefeetferretbedding.org/boutique/cat_335603-Hanging-Cubes-DOMES-Cabins-PODS.html

round bed http://www.littlefeetferretbedding.org/boutique/cat_335601-ROUND-CUDDLE-Beds-PUFFY-RECTANGLE.html

Crotched Eggs http://www.littlefeetferretbedding.org/boutique/prod_1373455-Crocheted-Eggs-by-Kristin-Best-eggs-in-town.html

Bless You!
Please Send Gifts to:
South Shore Ferret Care Fortunate Ferrets Hospice
We have many ferrets who wish for a foster home or help with their soup and medicine at the shelter. Come and visit them for a hug as for many this will be their last Christmas
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Susan Harrington
Randolph Animal Hospital
400 South Main Street
Randolph MA USA 02368
Please mark any donations to go towards the ferret shelter account, our balance is over $4,070 due to surgeries and hospice care. Bless You !

Walnut has a Santa.


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