Calisto Calisto, came with Artimus, senior chocolate sable male, who loves attention and all ferrets, low energy, but considered permanent
Calisto, a senior, male Chocolate Sable came to I Am Ferret about a year ago with hist Sister Artimus. He and his sister were left behind when their owner moved out. Artimus is a very laid back ferret who loves attention and all other ferrets. He is very low energy and is considered a permanent resident. You can find a list of all the goodies Calisto and his furry friends need at
Please Send Gifts to:
I Am Ferret
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dianne Barr
Parkville Heights Animal Hostpital
8830 NW 63rd Street
Parkville MO USA 64152

Calisto has a Santa.


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