Tucker This is Tucker. He came in a group of 4. We called them the "littles". They were all about the same age and just little folks. But that didn't take long to change. Tucker weighs close to 4 lbs. and a attitude to match. Don't squeak a toy around him because he will bite the crap out of you. He is like a bulldozier coming thru . He considered himself the "king of the castle.

He would like some "large" hammocks for his cage. He fills the small ones completely up and no one else can get in. So I don't want to bend the cage. He would like some new water bottles too. And if you get him toys, please nothing that squeak.

Mom would like some new quilts and large water bottles. Also some ferretone. They all love it.
Nail clippers and kibble from Performance foods. Gift cards are always welcomed.

Thanks and Happy Holidays
Please Send Gifts to:
Fuzzy Follies Ferret Rescue/Shelter

A lot of our children are not up for adoption due to health reasons, abuse issue and age.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. J. Jones
Auburndale Veterinary Clinic
555 Bridgers Ave.
Auburndale Florida USA 33823

Tucker has a Santa.


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