Loki This is Loki.

Like the god he was named for, Loki is very smart and constantly determined to get into EVERYTHING! He has figured out how to get onto kitchen counters, into bathroom sinks, the tops of other ferrets' cages, into the garbageā€¦ The list goes on.

Despite his mischievousness, he is quite a lover. Once he's tired from getting into everything, he loves to curl up in a warm lap and recharge.

He would be happy to receive anything his sponsor would like to give, but most especially Ferretone, flexible tubes, balls, and toys that make noise.

His mama's list always includes new hammocks, blankets, food and gift cards from Wal Mart and Tractor supply and Target.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all
Please Send Gifts to:
Fuzzy Follies Ferret Rescue/Shelter

A lot of our children are not up for adoption due to health reasons, abuse issue and age.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. J. Jones
Auburndale Veterinary Clinic
555 Bridgers Ave.
Auburndale Florida USA 33823

Loki has a Santa.


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