Ferra Penelope
Ferra Penelope Ferra Penelope is a 7 year old sable girl. She came in with a biting problem that has not gone a way, but she has improved some. Ferra, as she is called, loves to take crochet eggs and wrestle with them, then stash them away in various hidey-holes. The Toledo shelter really needs any of the foods listed below as well as FerretLax (or any cat laxative) and Ferretone.

Ferra Penelope lives at our sister shelter so please send your gifts to:

c/o Shelly Wilson
1139 N. Main St.
Toledo, OR 97391

If you'd like to help all the ferrets in the shelter, here are some things we need:

Fred Meyers gift cards
Zupreem Ferret Food
8in1 Ultimate Crunchy
Any Totally Ferret food
Costco's Kirkland brand Cat Maintenance food
Mazuri ferret food
Dr. Fosters and Smith Superior Choice Original Ferret Diet
Crochet eggs, Derby eggs, or Squiggies
FerretLax or any cat laxative
Totally Ferret Complete Care Supplement
Balls and toys that jingle or make some other sound
Ferret Nation shelf, floor and ramp covers (Rose German makes pillowcase style floor covers that are really great!)

Won't you please help me to have a good and happy Christmas?
Please Send Gifts to:
Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sean Barrett or Dr. Britney Giddens
Santa Clara Animal Hospital
2510 River Road
Eugene OR USA 97404

Ferra Penelope has a Santa.


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