Skeeter Mister Skeeter here! I happen to be a BIG boy with the most engaging personality! I am smart, fast and extremely aware of my surroundings, just try and sneak up on me.......not gonna happen! My first couple of weeks at the shelter were extremely difficult. My 2 brothers and I started off well, had a great 1st week, then a small organism called cocciodia decided to stress out our already weakened immune system! We were already in a bit of shock shock due to the leaving of our previous home all the new sights, smells, foods and routine changes proved to be too much for us, and we became extremely ill. 4 days and many meds later my brother Rascal 2.0 and I started to improve slightly. I thought I was being turned into a pin cushion as we were given so many injections of meds and fluids. I being the largest and least sick of the trio I recovered most quickly, only to see my brother (Max) succumb to the illness. We had come in with Cocciodia, which coupled with the stress of a new home decimated our bodies. Now a couple of months later it is just the 2 of us. At 5-6 years old my brother and I will most likely be permanent shelter residents, which does not seem nearly so bad now that they stopped using us as pincushions!
I bounced back well after being so ill, interested in everything and eating everything I can get my big paws on! I tend to get lots of treats, perhaps due to the fact that I watch for people to come in the room, and I am VERY good at begging for a treat! I am an excellent eater in fact, and made up for the days of illness extremely quickly once my nausea was under control. My I love playing with small stuffed toys, and my favorite sleep spot is a hanging monkey, which unfortunately is a bit worn down. I sleep always with my brother so any good size hammocks or sleep sacks are great.

It has been an interesting year here at the shelter, with several rescues that were in need of surgeries immediately raising our vet bills more than normal. An outbreak of cocciodia, resulting in the loss of 1 ferret, and several other extremely ill ferrets, all at the same time as I was going through a bad case of bronchitis/laryngitis. The lack of rest for me due to the ferrets cocciodia outbreak made my illness much worse and I eventually was ordered to several days bed rest to recover. Then I tore tendons in my left ankle, a walking boot proved ineffective for healing and I was then placed in a non-weight bearing cast, making it near impossible to care for the ferrets. Fortunately my sister and husband were able to take care of the ferrets for me. The vet bills here are much higher than we would wish, if you can possibly help at all with that it is great, however we are extremely grateful to receive anything at all that you can spare.

Some common use items that are helpful:
Paper towels (we go through tons of these)
baby wipes
sanitizing wipes
puppy pads
laundry soap (again we use a lot with all the bedding)
needles & syringes
wood stove pellets (or a gift card so I can buy these from menards & lowes)
ferret lax for hairballs
chicken & turkey baby food
Plain canned pumpkin

Gift cards to, Dr's Foster & Smith, Totally Ferret, Wal-mart, Lowes & Menards
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy, IL
We also have a Facebook page under Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy, IL
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Klingle Veterinary Clinic
4601 Broadway
Quincy IL USA 62305

Skeeter has a Santa.


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