Diana This is Diana and she is the leader of our senior group. She's about nine years old now and sleeps a lot but still manages to run around and dance a little and steal and stash all of her daddy's socks that she can find. She can really move when she wants. Diana's adrenal and for several years now has been getting melatonin implants every 3 months. She can buck, bite, and alligator roll with the best of them when she gets those implants.

Since the seniors get baby food (Gerbers chicken baby food is feed to the seniors twice a day to supplement their calories, what Diana wishes for Christmas is a gift card for WalMart, Meijer or Kroger, payment to her Vet, or very warm bedding that she and her friends can snuggle in. She's always telling us how cold those old bones get.

Diana also says that all of the ferrets here at Wixom Weezels (as well as the humans) will be very thankful for anything you can spare for them. We also wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

Please Send Gifts to:
Wixom Weezels
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We're a small sanctuary, rescue, hospice and retirement home for ferrets. We feel that once a ferret reaches us, they've already been through enough - whether it was abuse, too many homes, or neglect. We do NOT adopt out, once a ferret reaches us it's here until it travels to the Rainbow Bridge.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Jennifer Hynes, DVM
Countryside Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
7440 M-36
Hamburg Michigan USA 48139
Countryside is the best vet around. Their staff and doctors make it worth driving about an hour (one way) to get to their office.

Diana has a Santa.


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