Tonto Tonto came from MADAC. Tonto is a very large boy and has adernal disease. Tonto loves playing with his other brothers which are also very big boys. Tonto did receive a Melatonin Implant. Tonta does need dental work done and also needs a Deslorelin Implant. Tonto would love it if Santa could donate money towards a dental Cleaning or Deslorelin Implant or both. Tonto has been at the shelter awhile and does hope with a dental cleaning and Deslorein implant he could finally get a great fur ever home
Please Send Gifts to:
Friends of the ferret den
This is our first time doing the giving tree for our shelter
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Nelson or Dr Mentjes
West Allis Animal Hospital
1736 S 82nd street
West Allis Wi USA 53214
We take all of our shelter ferrets to West Allis Animal Hospital

Tonto has a Santa.


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