Stewie Hi there….Stewie’s the name and eating soup is my game!!!! I don’t know where this stuff has been all my life! Mom says I have a sixth soup sense because I wake up from sleeping and run to her every time she walks in the room. You never know, she may have soup in her hand!!! I am about 5 years old and me and my little sister Oakley came here about 2 months ago. Our old mom was getting a divorce and needed to find a home for us. Oakley is just a youngin and moved in with the wild kids. She was a pest anyway!!! I’ve been sick some since I came here. Mom says I have insulinoma and puts medicine in my soup. She also says I need to gain weight. I keep telling her if she’d hook up that soup iv I keep asking for it would do the trick. She just laughs at me. I would really, really, really like Santa to help my mom with some soup fixins. That freezer needs to stay stocked up!! You never know when there might be a world soup shortage….

Our shelter can always use: gift cards for Walmart (various supplies, soup fixings), Tractor Supply (litter), Sams (puppy pads), Pet Smart (ferretone, food), Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover’s Soul or Simply Nourish Chicken & Turkey Cat food, ferretone, play tubes, donations for a Lupron kit, melatonin implants. We are pretty good on bedding at this time but can always use the big beds. I don’t do a lot of treats except for ferretone. We also need to replace the vinyl floor in the ferret room. Gift cards for Home Depot or Lowe’s would help with that.
All of us from Lil Rascal’s Rescue wish you and your families a very blessed holiday season. Here’s to a great 2014!! Thanks for all of your support!
Please Send Gifts to:
Lil Rascal's Ferret Rescue

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. John Rossi
Riverside Animal Hospital

Stewie has a Santa.


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