Gracen HelloÖmy name is Gracen. I am brand spankin new here at Lil Rascalís. My new mom came and found me in the big, giant, huge, forest like yard yesterday. This really nice lady named Grace (yep, thatís how I got my new name!) caught me sneaking up to eat the kitty food she left out on her porch. She tried and tried to find someone to come save me because she was really worried about me but wasnít having any luck. She talked to the people at the Wildlife Coalition and, lucky for me, they knew exactly who to call. Mom and Miss Grace stood outside for a long time whistling, calling and squeaking a toy trying to find me. I didnít notice because I canít hear them. I was starting to sneak back up for a snack when my new mom spotted me. Good thing Iím white and I stand out really good!! She picked me up and hugged and kissed me. I was so happy to have a human again!!!! She brought me home and gave me a good bath, cut my nails and cleaned out my ears. Boy did that make me feel better!!!!! She says I have to stay in a quiet room away from everyone for a little while. I donít really mindÖI have a lot of sleeping and eating to catch up on!! I would love for someone to help my new mom with some food for all of us. Iím so happy she found me and that I wonít ever be hungry again!!!!!

Our shelter can always use: gift cards for Walmart (various supplies, soup fixings), Tractor Supply (litter), Sams (puppy pads), Pet Smart (ferretone, food), Chicken Soup for the Kitten Loverís Soul or Simply Nourish Chicken & Turkey Cat food, ferretone, play tubes, donations for a Lupron kit, melatonin implants. We are pretty good on bedding at this time but can always use the big beds. I donít do a lot of treats except for ferretone. We also need to replace the vinyl floor in the ferret room. Gift cards for Home Depot or Loweís would help with that.
All of us from Lil Rascalís Rescue wish you and your families a very blessed holiday season. Hereís to a great 2014!! Thanks for all of your support!
Please Send Gifts to:
Lil Rascal's Ferret Rescue

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. John Rossi
Riverside Animal Hospital

Gracen has a Santa.


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