Houdini My brother, Rupert, and I have been here since July of 2011 when we came here with our older sister Roxy. Roxy left us about a year ago to become a real angel. Now it is just the two of us the same way it was before she joined us from the family next door. We love to chew on the litter bags when we find them especially when they still have pellets in them. Shelter Mommy takes a dim view of our fun however because the pellets spill out when she moves the bag. I admit it, we just love to get it trouble!

We love to sleep together in a big warm hanging cube bed. The floor beds and blankets are really just made to be covered with food and pulled into the litter boxes so they can be properly decorated. We really would like another large hanging cube or fuzzy hammock that fits both of us. Yes, we are big boys! We also love noisy toys, especially those that crackle when we chew on them and rattle when we shake them. We prefer Marshall's Ferret Food and we just love Ferretone.

Shelter Mommy can always use a gift certificate to Walmart for the cleaning supplies that she needs to take care of us or to one of the on-line ferret stores for the various foods and supplies we use. We personally also use quite a few of the cage diapers that she gets from Pet King Brands.

Gifts can be sent directly to Little Rascals Ferret Rescue at 451 Park Avenue, Harleysville, PA 19438.
Please Send Gifts to:
Little Rascals Ferret Rescue (PFCS)
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Paul Wagner
Harleysville Veterinary Hospital
391 Main Street
Harleysville PA USA 19438
Acct under Ferret Club and Shelter, PA Rescue, Client No. 17806

Houdini has a Santa.


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