Romeo Hi Everyone.
My name is Romeo.

My original mommy was broken hearted to have to let me go. But, she realized that I needed to be with someone who knew how to take care of me. You see, I have Adrenal Disease, but my biggest problem is that I kept having seizures and my mommy just didn't know what to do to help me. She knew about HOFA because she had been a member for quite awhile. She even fostered herself for awhile, until her health got bad and she couldn't do it anymore.
Well, Hospice Mom said I am the last for the tree and it's almost bedtime so here is what I would like to have for Christmas.

I would like to have some fluffy warm bedding and sleep sacks. My Adrenal is going to get worse so I am probably going to need them. The picture Hospice Mom is using is an older one of me. I don't look that good anymore. My fur is getting all splotchy.
Also some Ferretone and Ferretvite would be great, if you can.

Merry Christmas
God Bless

Please Send Gifts to:
(HOFA) Heart of Ohio Ferret Assoc. & Rescue
Please send gifts c/o the Shelter Director Pat Highley 5519 Columbus Rd. Centerburg, Ohio 43011. Don't forget to put who it is for so that I can be sure it gets to the right ferret. Also Thank you so much for your generous gifts to these wonderful little fuzzies who have done nothing but give unconditional love to all who have touched their way too short lives.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Beer
Pet Care Clinic
785 E.Main St.
Columbus Ohio USA 43205
Please be sure to let us know which ferret your gift is for and who is sending it. Also please put c/o our Hospice Coordinator Tammy Homish on the envelope. She works in the office and will let me know about it. If you are also sending a present, please send it to the Shelter Director at the address above. Thank You

Romeo has a Santa.


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