Hermione Hermione came from a home where the family could no longer take care of her. She was the husband's pet and he passed away and his wife could no longer care for her properly. She was flea infested and had several bald spots due to the fleas. She had been running free with the family's small dog who chased her constantly. The first several weeks after being placed with a foster family she wasn't very playful, kept to herself and slept a lot. After being treated for fleas and receiving proper nutrition and vet care she is flourishing. She warmed up to her foster family and has become a lively and spunky girl and bonded with Rango. She is full of continuous energy and is full of curiosity.
Hermione would like some Totally Ferret food and some A/D canned food. A new playpen mat would also be appreciated as her old one is started to show serious wear and tear.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Please Send Gifts to:
Kentuckiana Ferret Haven, Inc.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Lee Hankins
Springhurst Animal Hospital
9909 Brownsboro Road
Louisville Kentucky USA 40241

Hermione has a Santa.


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