Combo I came to the shelter from Animal Control almost four years ago together with my sister, Angel when we were about one year old. Unfortunately Angel left me for the rainbow bridge this past May. I miss her, but I refuse to accept any other playmates.

Shelter Mommy says my name should be trouble - all because I like to rearrange everything. After all don't all paper towels need to be unrolled and perforated, and what fun are all the things sitting up on the shelves anyway? They are much more useful spread all over the floor where I can stir everything together! I love to make BIG messes.

I like all kinds of ferret food and my favorite ferret treat is ferretone. My favorite place to sleep is one of those cool square cubes lined with fleece. The best toys ever are the ones I can carry and make rattle when I shake them, and I love running through all kinds of tubes. Shelter Mommy keeps telling me that I would get more run time if I would be nice to the other ferrets, but I want the WHOLE place to myself when I run. Those other kids just get in my way.

I would love some new crocheted toys, especially one of those cool Wonky-Rockets, but honestly I will have fun with whatever you decide to send. If you would like to make a contribution to our veterinary account to help cover the implant for my adrenal condition that would be wonderful! Shelter Mommy can always use a gift certificate to Walmart to replace the paper towels she says I ruin. (Actually I Know she still uses them anyway, but she does go through a lot of them.)

Our shelter mix of food includes 8 in 1 Ultra, Zupreem, Totally Ferret, Path Valley, Marshall's, Dr. Foster and Smith, and Sheppard and Greene.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
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