Eli Meet Eli,
Just came in to the shelter this morn and he is such a sweetheart but the owners surrenderd him due to health problems in the family, He came in with nonthing so he needs anything you you can think of he wont be picky but he diffently needs a sponcer for now and needs work done on his teeth thay are rather black and rotten looking , i didnt get a chanch of what diet he was on so im going to work with him on it but for now he will start on duck soup wish we need a gift card to get baby foods meats Chicken and Turkey, heavey whipping cream to ad to his diet and a few other things for him as well he will be in qurateen for the next 10 days and be seen by our vet soon but in the mean time he likes the bathroom and playing staying in the bathroom.. 3 yrs.. his back legs are very wobbly and his feet paws are totely flat, looks like he hasnt been out of the cage much,, Fri will be his appt with the vets..
Please Send Gifts to:
Arkansas Ferret Rescue for Hospice and Sp Needs
Most of the ferrets are old and Hospice or sp needs.. Member of the Support Our Shelters and AFA for 15 Plus yrs..
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Bradly Lyon
Lyon Veterinary Hospital
5782 W Sunset
Springdale Arkansas U.S.A. 72762

Eli has a Santa.


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