Stitch Yes, I am a lady -despite my name; and my information says I am 5 years old. I came here with my sister, Lilo 3 years ago when my Mommy was going to have a human baby and was told by her veterinarian that it would be dangerous to keep us with a new baby. Humph;I never bothered anybody! In fact Stef, the girl that helps Shelter Mommy calls me her sweetheart! However, I guess I do need to admit that Lilo did like to nail veterinarians and their staff............ Lilo left me for the bridge in the sky one-half year after our arrival here, apparently from a heart attack. In spite of quite a few attempted introductions, I'd rather hang out with Stef and Shelter Mommy than play with the other ferrets that are here.

I like any kind of bedding that I can hide in- tubes, cubes and pocketed hammies. I prefer to eat Purina Kitten Chow - yes I know ferret food is suppose to be better for me, but I like the kitten chow and it is at least better than the cat chow ate before I came here. I love running through tubes and playing in the dig box of balls. I am not a great litter box fan, and Shelter Mommy has given up and lined my cage floor with cage diapers.

I would like a soft toy to snuggle up to when I sleep. I also like those crocheted toys that jingle and are easy to carry around. I lkie to collect them when I get out to run. Shelter Mommy can always use a gift certificate to Walmart for paper towels since she uses so many cleaning up after us.
I received an implant two years ago, so the chances are that I will be needing another soon. If you would like to contribute toward that, you can make a donation directly to our veterinary account.

Thank you for looking at my story, and have a Very Merry Christmas.
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