Roscoe Hi, my name is Roscoe and I am just over 6 years old! My sister and I had a really nice family. But she died about 6 months ago when she was about 9 years old, so I was alone with my family. I really miss her because we were together for such a long time. I had a big chordoma on my tail, but the vet removed it. Then, my family had some and dad separated and their son is going into the military. Mom asked the KC Ferret Hotline if they could take me so I could get lots of attention and not be lonely. My shelter mom gives me lots of attention and cuddles and I have made some new buddies here. I'm very laid back and cuddly and I get along well with others. I don't play very much since I'm getting older, but I love to snuggle with my shelter mom and my new buddies. I have adrenal disease and need a Deslorelin implant, so if you want to help with my vet bill, I would appreciate it. I like my soupies and would like to have some Diane's Dook Soup from South Shore Rescue - my shelter mom adds it to my soupies. It's good for me and so yummy.... I would also love a new soft blankie or bed.

Thanks very much for reading about me!!!
Please Send Gifts to:
Kansas City Ferret Hotline
Basic shelter needs:

Our ferrets eat a mixture of Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 and Orijen Cat & Kitten, and we add other good-quality donated foods to the mixture. They also eat homemade chicken soup and Bravo Balance commercially produced raw.

Gift cards to Wal-Mart or any other online sites (for purchasing basic items) would be appreciated, as would payments on our account at the vet's office.

We sincerely appreciate anything that helps our rescue and especially our kids!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dianne Barr
Parkville Heights Animal Hospital
6300 NW Highway 9
Parkville MO United States 64152
We use several vets - Dr. Barr is our main vet who sees the shelter ferrets, but Curt Cavanaugh at Cavanaugh Pet Hospital also sees some of our shelter ferrets. We are currently carrying a balance at Parkville Heights Animal Hospital.

Roscoe has a Santa.


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