Duddits Duddits is a long term resident who his second Chrismas this year. He recently lost one of his cagemates, and is dealing with advanced adrenal. He is always happy to hang out with the rest of his crew, but when its time to nap, everyone tends to leave because he tries to suck on their ears. He loves nice soft warm sleep sacks and his soup, so some Carnivore Care or Wysong PDG supplement would really be a nice addition, but anything from our lish list would be good too.
Please Send Gifts to:
Essential Ferret Services of Idaho
emmettferret.org (old)
The shelter’s wish list? Gift certificates for food and supplements like Ferretone and Kittymalt (Ferret Depot, Ferret.com, Wysong, etc.), gift cards for Walmart or Costco for cleaning supplies like laundry soap, bleach, paper towels and trash bags. Melatonin implants would be very helpful, or contact our vets office.

Thanks to all the Santa's out there from all the fuzzies here at EFS!

Essential Ferret Services of Idaho is a non-profit 501c-3 organization dedicated to the education of potential and current ferret owners on the standards of care while working to rehabilitate and re-home displaced ferrets. Formerly the Emmett Ferret Shelter, we have been operating in the Boise area since 2001 and work with the Public, Humane Societies and other Shelters to rescue ferrets all over Idaho.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Mike Koob
Idaho Humane Society Veterinary Medicl Center
4775 Dorman St.
Boise ID USA 83705
If making a donation, please specify Essential Ferret Services, otherwise it will not be applied to the shelter. Thanks

Duddits has a Santa.


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