Peanut Peanut came to us Memeorial Day weekend 2012. She is truly a miracle. Her family knew when she got ill they could not afford the medical care and called us. We do not exactly what happened to Peanut but she is permanently damaged. While she looks good, her central nervous system seems to be compromised. She is hypersensitive to sound and movement and has poor balance and is unable to eat hard kibble and must be held to eat every meal or she crawls in the bowl and wears her soup instead of eating it. She loves routine and gets very upset when things change. She cannot control her potty habits and goes everywhere including her bedding. She loves the rectangle beds from Guten Morgan Ferret Finery and the big orange, yellow and blue fish from Dr.s Foster & Smith. It is handy to have several of these because she dirties them up quickly. She can only eat l/d canned food and nothing else. She also goes through lots of puppy pads.
Please Send Gifts to:
Kentuckiana Ferret Haven, Inc.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Lee Hankins
Springhurst Animal Hospital
9909 Brownsboro Road
Louisville Kentucky USA 40241

Peanut has a Santa.


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