Podo Podo came to us March '14 at the tender young age of 7 months which puts her at 15 months old now. This dark sable girl is a real go getter. Podo is always on a mission and if that includes an N-bone, she's even happier. She jumps & bucks & dooks up & down the hallway like a fury so trying to get a clear picture of her was a challenge. I wish you could see some of the action shots! What a day it was trying to get a decent pic of her!
The ideal gift for her would be a forever home. We've had some interest in her but no applications yet.
Podo loves to play. Podo loves to sleep. Podo loves to eat. When she's doing the things she loves she does so with all out glee filled amusement & delight.
Just like the other kids in the shelter she enjoys FerreTone & Totally Ferret Vivify and munching on N-Bones. She's a big fan of the shelters kibble mix which contains a variety of ferret kibbles. Any of the following foods would be appreciated: Totally Ferret Complete, Totally Ferret Turkey & Venison, Totally Ferret Active Show, Zupreem (not the grain free variety), 8in1 Crunchy Ultimate, Drs. Foster & Smith Signature Series Premium Ferret Diet, Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul, & Natural Gold.
Please Send Gifts to:
Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice
The Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice (BLFSH) has been serving the SW & portions of Central VA since 2005. We are a small shelter functioning in a private home & on a very slim operational budget. The ferrets we have surrendered to us come from regional Animal Control/SPCA shelters as well as from owners. Many of them are older, with terminal medical or social issues thus a lot of our support for them is palliative hospice type care & behavior modification. We continue to place a high percentage of the others in quality, screened furever homes.
Over the past few years we've see an increase in the number of Insulinomic ferrets coming into the shelter. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Mark Finkler is always reviewing proactive treatment for ferrets and we are hoping to see some new advances in Insulinoma treatment similar to what has been developed for Adrenal disease.
When request come into us from areas too far for us to give proper consideration to we endeavor to network with other shelters that may be geographically closer to the ferret in need than us, and the same holds true for adoption requests.
We are a no kill shelter, never putting a ferret to sleep because of medical conditions when treatment options are available, unless the decline in quality of life & our Veterinarian has determinate their time has come.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Mark Finkler
Roanoke Animal Hospital
2814 Franklin Rd
Roanoke VA USA 24014
Payment is due at time of service but we have been able to carry a balance from time to time. At the moment we are currently have a zero balance. Please list the Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice account as the recipient if you choose to send a donation to them for us. Also please include a contact name & email or snail mail address so we can properly thank you.

Podo has a Santa.


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