Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso Hi Santas! My name is Pablo Picasso, and I’m 10 and a half. I live with my brother DocaDoodle and my sister Sunny. Mommy and Daddy lost their jobs, whatever those are, and
so we came to live with Mama Gina. She’s so messy! That’s ok though, cuz I help pick up her shoes and put them away in the closet for her. For Christmas, I would like a big, soft, fluffy sleep sack please!
Mama Gina also says that I’ve got a disease called adrenal now, and I've got some ucky teeth that the doctor wants to pull. Also, I have this big thing on my leg called a mole, and apparently it’s not a good thing, and she says that I need to have it removed. If you can help with some moneys to the vet (Dr. Cavanaugh - he's really nice!), it would help make me feel better....
Needs: Gift cards to Walmart, Amazon,, and Foster’s and Smith. Orijen Cat and Kitten, 8 n 1 Ultimate Crunchy, Foster’s and Smith Premium Ferret Diet, and Bravo Raw Ground Chicken.
Please Send Gifts to:
Kansas City Ferret Hotline
We generally have 35 to 40 ferrets in our care. Our ferrets are sheltered in private homes and see various veterinarians. Please contact us for the address of the ferret you choose and/or for the name and contact information of the ferret’s veterinarian.

Basic shelter needs:

Our ferrets usually eat a mixture of Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 and Orijen Cat & Kitten, and/or Go! Fit and Free cat food. We often add other good-quality donated ferret foods to the mixture. They also eat chicken soup and Bravo Balance commercially-produced raw.

Gift cards to Wal-Mart or any online sites (for purchasing basic items) would be appreciated, as would payments on our account at the vet’s office.

We sincerely appreciate anything that helps our kids!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dianne Barr
Parkville Heights Animal Hospital
8830 NW 63rd Street
Parkville MO USA 64152
Most of our ferrets see Dr. Barr, but some see Dr. Cavanaugh at Cavanaugh Pet Hospital or Dr. Entriken at KC Vet Care.

Pablo Picasso has a Santa.


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