Thing Two
Thing Two Hello my name is Thing Two and I am a very gentle boy.
I came to the rescue Feb. of 2013. I suffer from adrenal disease but I am recovering well with my DES implant. I was taken in with my two brothers (Thing one and cat in the hat). We were a 7 year olds pets. Cat in The hat was helped over the rainbow bridge because he couldn't move his back legs due to our old owner steping on him. Thing one and I are both blind because the little boy sprayed cleaner in our eyes. Anything you would like to send is great but here are some things I would like/need.
We are all fed a mix of Nature's Variety, Wysong, Solid Gold Indigo Moon, Blue Wilderness, and Wellness Core.
We all love all toys, but we really enjoy crocheted eggs, toys that make noise and toys we can hide in.
We all have nice ferret nation cages to live in and playpens that we get to have playtime in. We can always use more bedding, blankets and snuggly things to lay on.
Somethings the rescue alway's needs is Olive Oil, Grizzly Salmon Oil, Ferratone, Nutri Cal, Syringes, Paper Towels, Q-tips,Clorox Wipes.
We are given alot of different treats so any are ok and Gift Cards always appreciated and needed. If you would like to make a donation to our vets office we can give you her information. Thank you to all the Santa's out there.
Please Send Gifts to:
Toledo Ferret Lovers Rescue

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Susan Orosz
Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center
5166 Monroe Street Suite 305
Toledo Ohio USA 43623

Thing Two has a Santa.


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