CHACHA oh hai! my name is Chacha and i am very pleased to meet you! i am a petite and beautiful DEW girl, about 5 years old. i came to live at the sanctuary via Texas Ferret Lover's Rescue. when i first came, i was very scared and would scream when other ferrets got close to me. i was a hard case, mommie said. but she was very patient with me and slowly introduced me to my best friend, Vinny. now i live with Vinny and three other girl ferrets and i love them very much!

i have adrenal disease and i have to have an alien implant every year. but i am doing pretty good and i am very proud of my beautiful white coat and my black-tipped tail! i love to play and dance and dook and i am very girly. i don't like getting dirty and i am very proper. i love my duck soup and i can eat more than that big ole Milo, even!

i like pink and purple and bling. i think i would look really cute in a poodle skirt. i am an excellent ball-spinner. i am a very good girl and my goal in life is to make my mommie smile every day. and i do!!

Santa, if you choose me, it would make me so happy! i don't need much because i have everything a little ferret could ask for! there are some things our sanctuary could really use to help keep us Friskies happy and healthy. they are:

-- FOOD (Totally Ferret Active; Totally Ferret Turkey,Lamb and Venison; Sheppard and Greene; Zupreem Regular; Marshalls; 8-in-1 Ultimate Crunchy; Orijen; Nature's Variety Instinct Cat Food - Grain free, duck)

-- TREATS (N-bones, N-bones and N-bones; Bandits, all flavors, 8-in-1 Ferretbites Gourmet Chicken Treats; Blue Wilderness turkey and chicken cat treats)

-- SUPPLEMENTS (Ferretone, Ferretone and Ferretone; Fortiflora for cats; Benebac; Nupro for Ferrets; Totally Ferret Complete Care Powder; Vetri-DMG liquid)

-- GROOMING/CARE (ear cleaner, Oxyfresh pet toothpaste, Q-tips, cotton pads, baby wipes, 1 cc syringes, butterfly needles, feeding syringes)

-- CLEANING SUPPLIES (paper towels, cage disinfectant, Clorox wipes)

-- POTTY PADS (we use these instead of litter)

-- GIFT CARDS (Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Ferret Depot,, Foster and Smith)

-- VET CREDIT -- Because most of our ferrets here are older and have health issues, we have a large vet expense. Payment to our vet is due at the time of service, so we carry a high credit card balance on our ferret card. Credit on our vet account is greatly appreciated. Anything helps!

thank you for reading my story! i hope you have a very merry christmas and a happy new year, too! love and kisses, Chacha"
Please Send Gifts to:
Friskybiznus Ferret Sanctuary
We are a sanctuary/hospice, taking in aged, ill, handicapped and behaviorally challenged ferrets. We provide a forever home with love and quality care. "A Safe Haven for Old Ferts"
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dori Hertel
Loop 494 Animal Hospital
22326 Loop 494
Kingwood TX United States 77339

CHACHA has a Santa.


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