Tinker Im TINKER! Daddy says its cause I am Tinkerbell when Im being sweet and Tinkerbutt when Iz being bad, but I never bad!I was dropped at Petco and da man said I waz a stray, but da nice lady that brought me here told Momma she didn't think so an Momma agreed wif her. Dey also say Iz got da worst case of ADD dey eber seen here! I don't know what dat is, but der is just so much to do all da time! Tunnels, ball pit, rice box, chase.. always something to do! If we could get more tubes, balls and rice that would be the bomb! Help wif da Dr would be great to, der are 10 here on medicine. Thanks for helping al the shelter kids!
Please Send Gifts to:

We are always in need of paper towels, Beechnut chicken baby food, Iris Neat \'n Dry potty pads. The kids in the shelter eat Dr Fosters and Smith, and Diane\'s Dry Dook Soup is always in stock as well. Gift cards to Target, Walmart and Sams Club are awesome and we will furnish all receipts to anyone that asks. Donations to the vet are wonderful as that tends to be the biggest expense. We also have a wish list on Amazon.com under Ferretpallozza.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Laura Wade
Specialized Care for Avian and Exotic Pets
10882 Main Street
Clarence NY USA 14031

Tinker has a Santa.


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