Fritz Fritz is a cutey pie ...lots of love and mischief ... he came to us as a little lost boy ...scratching at the door of a strangers... it was a very chilly night and he was one stepped up to claim him and now he is waiting for his forever home to land in...he loves treats and hammocks.. ohhh and jingle balls too....

Our shelter is a small one that is always in need of toys, food and lupron.

Because we have so many special needs ferrets we can also make good use of Lupron, pred. and money donated to our vet for paliative care and routine vet care.

Most of our ferrets love to eat 8 in 1, Mazuri Ferret Food.
Ferret tubes are very much loved and used. They also LOVE the crocheted eggs, soft toys and toys that make noise. Some of our paliative ferrets love soft blankets or sleepsacks. Any sort of ferret treats are always enjoyed. Ferretvite, syringes and pine pellets are always needed. Gift Cards are always most welcome to pet and grocery stores.
Please Send Gifts to:
abc ferret rescue society

Please contact us for vet name and address or the address of our shelter thanks so much

Fritz has a Santa.


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