The Ferret Giving Tree 2014
Ferrets Dook2

Carol Roche/Ferrets Dook
388 Ingraham Hill Road
Binghamton, NY 13903

We currently have 31 ferrets in a free-roam room. Most of our ferrets have been homed and rehomed several times. We are trying to provide the *best-rest of their lives* that we are able. Bedding requests would be anything the ferrets can crawl into. Food and snacks are listed with individual ferrets. donations can also be made to

thank you so much for helping us through the holidays. We appreciate all of you out there that love and support your shelter ferrets and would be very happy to receive any gift that are sent. We send our love out to all of you during the holiday season.

Buttons with Santas indicate Ferrets who have Santas!

We Have 31 Ferrets In Our Care