The Ferret Giving Tree 2014
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary
Critter Camp is an exotic pet sanctuary giving a safe, healthy, happy home to unadoptable small pets of 30 different species. Our ferrets are elders ( 7 or over,) have adrenal, insulinoma, or other health issues. They live in a big free range ferret room stocked with hideouts, toys, blankies etc.
What we need most right now is $$$, especially via paypal directed to to order immediate supplies. We also can always use ferretone, ferretvite, bandits treats, blankies, sleep sacks, hammocks, and toys.

Buddy Gypsy Lone Ranger Tonto Sammi
Ziggy Bandit Blaze Pogo Thelma

Buttons with Santas indicate Ferrets who have Santas!

We Have 14 Ferrets In Our Care